Learning Charter Update

The Learning Charter review is growing legs

https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1HEXdDlLnDXhH8Dvb-0tqaTis4n8OqMsuQNav4G9CASs/edit?usp=sharing This is the basis for using student voice. Fridays seem to be the day for ideas and getting things done. Today chose to use next Tuesday afternoon to gather student voice with a number of students. We (Steve & I) ummed and arghed over how to do this. We decided on groups of about 5-7 students from each of the following groups of students. Yr 9-13(the ratbags to the high flyers and the inbetweeners) Maori students, Pacific students and members of the Student Exec (student leaders) We moved from having them over a couple of days to all in 2 periods Tuesday afternoon.

As we have students that can possibly span two groups thought will go into how we ask them to sit and which groups come which period.

Is this truly gathering student voice? 50 students out of a 1800? Really. This is going to be a gathering of perspectives to get ideas down, a focus group of students. Then how can we take this to the whole student body? IDEAS PLEASE!!!!!

As Steve and I discussed this can be a prototype for further consultation. With our new principal we are moving into a strategic planning stage where community consultation will be key. So I am looking forward to how this goes, learning from the stuff ups and building on the successes.

We (SLT) have been having discussion around promotion of the school and key tools for this. As part of the community consult we will be putting out a survey via different electronic means so can see which form of communication gathers the best voice (email, website, twitter, facebook)

As for growing legs the consultation will probably include gathering ideas from our Community of Learning Schools so we can look at some form of coherence within our COL so when students come to Lynfield College there is familiar learning language.

Next week will be good with student voice gathering and summarising of staff idea.

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